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Learn in real time as the SEO & Google update world changes. Members have access to the most up to date expert training video tutorials for Google Updates about Penguin & Panda.

Google algorithms are always changing. Don’t use out dated strategies that can negatively affect your rankings. Panfecta is the only platform in the world that offers real time education for SEO and internet marketers.


Connect & Learn strategies for the future of SEO from all over the world about what works now and what does not.

Members will be able to discuss what is currently happening and share so all members will know about an update before anyone else does in the world. Panfecta is the Official Google Update forum.

Case Studies
Mark Reidenbach

In 30 days our traffic is up 25% and our visitor conversion is up 20% thanks to chad  

Paulo Lima

  1.68 million new visitors to our website in 1 month. 

Need more Reasons To Start Working With Us ?

  • Panfecta is a vast network of up-to-date interactive training videos for professional SEO’s and online marketers. Each and every day there is more valuable content and training added by world renowned experts! Our community of SEO professionals is built in a manner where everyone is here to help each other and learn from one another.
  • You will have access to HUNDREDS of high definition training videos separated by penguin & panda modules broken down into a step by step training series for you to follow the minute you become a Panfecta member. Once you join our community you will never need to pay for SEO training anywhere else again, Panfecta is a one stop for everything SEO.